The Look That Defined My Teenage Years

This video sums up in six minutes why the 80s look like the 80s and we have the Memphis Group to thank for that.

Click through to the YouTube page for a ton of links with more info.

Even Museum Workers Have It Bad

Tales of woe shared by museum workers of the world.


Source: whenyouworkatamuseum

Roland Fischer’s Facades: Up-Close photos of the world’s most beautiful buildings (PHOTOS).

You might be unsure of exactly what you’re looking at when you first see the images in Roland Fischer’s series “Facades.” They could be tiles or fabric patterns or perhaps optical illusions. Unless you happen to recognize the patterns highlighted in the photographs, your only clue that you’re looking at the facades of buildings is a straightforward title that lists the building name and city where it stands.

Source: Roland Fischer’s Facades: Up-Close photos of the world’s most beautiful buildings (PHOTOS).

New Tool for Galleries from Google

Google is making available the tools that power Google Art Project available to galleries and museums. It’s called Google Open Gallery and it’s being used to display anything from personal collections of photos to to full-blown gallery exhibits.

You can visit the project page and request an invitation. More about the announcement can be found at Online exhibitions made easy with Google Open Gallery.

The presentation is impressive. You can zoom in on the work to see details or put two on the screen side by side for comparison. One feature I don’t see is the ability to embed a gallery in a web page.

Abandoned Spaces

Beautiful collection of decaying buildings by Niki Feijen. It’s hard to imagine how these buildings fell into such neglect.

Chambre du Commerce - Every day thousand of people pass this amazing building. Several plans to convert it into hotels, shopping malls and a restaurant failed. Slowly this mainly wooden giant is crumbling. Shot in 2010

The Art of Portrait Photography

Three photographers share their vision of the portrait. The Sleepwalker series is especially compelling.

Getty Launches Open Centent Program

About 4,600 high-resolution images from the Museum’s collection of painting, photographs, sculpture, etc. are now free to download and use, modify or publish.

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Lost photos of Andy Warhol taken in 1981 surface for show at 345meatpacking in Chelsea.